All persons who shoe horses, including their own within Great Britain*, are required to be registered under the Farriers (Registration) Act 1975, as amended.

[*The definition of GB as applicable to the Farriers (Registration) Act, includes England, Wales and Scotland, but excludes Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man].

In order to qualify for registration persons have to complete an Approved Apprenticeship or period of training and pass a prescribed examination, or possess an overseas qualification recognised as an equivalent by the Council, or, in the case of European Farriers, have certified experience of at least six years duration in accordance with EC Directive 2005/36.

However, the Council recognises that in some cases persons may wish to apply for registration based on their professional working experience and/or training obtained in an area outside of that covered by the Act. 

Please ensure you read the applicable Guides fully before making any application either on-line or by post. Should you require any assistance initially on which procedure to follow a member of staff would be happy to discuss your position by telephone in the first instance.